Our Sponsors:

Mr Pole Dance is an international competition drawing competitors from as far away as Russia and the Ukraine and spectators from around Australia. Bobbi’s Pole Studio first started Miss Pole Dance Australia in 2005 and it has gown to be one of the biggest and most prestigious competitions in the world. Mr Pole Dance is already shaping up to be hugely popular with the pole dance and wider community and the media.

Mr Pole Dance competitors are asked to send a video entry in and from the hundreds received a panel of judges chooses the top 15-20, the best of the best from around the world.

As a sponsor you get a YEAR of promotion through Bobbi’s Pole Studio’s 5 studios and our active social media forums as well as benefits on the night and beyond. I think it speaks volumes that each year our sponsors decide to sponsor again and this year most of the Miss Pole Dance sponsors are coming on board to support Mr Pole Dance as well

Each sponsorship package is different as there are numerous different ways we can promote your company, different things that will work for you and your company, so email Vanessa@bobbispolestudio.com.au for a full proposal.